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The composition of the tobacco mixture and the extraordinary quality of the wrappers are just a few factors for the unmistakeable smoking pleasure of the PuPla Cigars. Each individual cigar is carefully made by hand under the strictest quality control. Thereafter, the PuPla cigar is refined in a specially developed re-humidification and aroma system, which gives rise to its excellent, rich taste.
Storage of the Cigars The relative atmospheric humidity in our storage facility is maintained between 68 - 70%. A constant temperature between 18 - 20 degrees Celsius is also maintained. This is achieved by means of a fully automatic air conditioning and humidification system. The complete cedar wood panelling used in the entire storage facility ensures a regulating effect and a genuine aroma. Which means real smoking pleasure for your customers.
The Guarantee    Every  Cigar is made by hand and every single cigar is subjected to an exact quality test.   To guarantee the uniform quality of every cigar, we use only the best tobacco leaf.  No matter how big the demand is, we adhere to this principle. Our word of honor!
"The only way to break a bad habit was to replace it with a better habit." 
Jack Nicholson, American actor, explaining why he switched from cigarettes to cigars.